When we make things too complicated.

February 11 -

One of my clients, the CEO of an international agriculture business, said, “The price we pay for making things too complicated is immeasurable. It slows us down, makes for bad decisions, and scatters our efforts.”

Think about those three parts of the “price we pay” for making things too complicated:

1) Making things too complicated slows us down.

In today’s world, if we don’t move quickly opportunities disappear in the blink of an eye. The inability to focus and simplify means we will overthink our decisions, going back and forth with pros and cons and new considerations that we continue to add to the pile. Simplicity and focus enable us to make decisions more quickly. That’s a competitive advantage.

2) Making things too complicated makes for bad decisions.

In your experience, which solutions are the most effective? Which ideas are most likely to create success? The complicated ones? Or the simple ones? I ask that question of my audiences and the answer is [...]

Verint Launches New Intelligent Customer Self-Service Capabilities

MELVILLE, N.Y., March 15, 2018 — Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company, today announced new customer self-service capabilities, including intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) and enterprise chatbots powered by an open, modular Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine. Verint is a recognized leader and innovator with a broad portfolio of self-service solutions, including IVAs, voice self-service (interactive voice response), web self-service and customer communities, all powered by knowledge management to drive consistent experiences across channels.

According to Gartner, “By 2022, it will be far more common for a video-based customer support agent to also share the user interface, or for a chatbot to be used by the customer support agent while conversing with the customer. Because of this, we expect the interaction proportions of human and artificial agents to be 36% human agent intervention/participation and 85% software (a combination of self-service and software used simultaneous with the human agent engagement).”1 Of that figure, 64% will be completely customer self-service and an [...]

Verint Launches Industry’s Most Modern, Flexible and Open Suite for Enterprise Workforce Optimization

New Version Delivers Revolutionary Enhancements to Mobile Apps, Omnichannel Recording Platform and Embedded Real-Time Analytics

MELVILLE, N.Y., October 10, 2017 Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT) unveiled today the industry’s most modern solution for empowering the workforce and enhancing performance. With contemporary mobile apps that fit the way today’s employees prefer to engage, it breaks new ground for organizations striving to improve the most dominant driver of positive customer experiences: positive employee engagement.

The new Verint Workforce Optimization (WFO) delivers key feature enhancements across the suite of applications. It integrates secure mobile access into WFO applications, enabling employees and managers to get work done from anywhere, anytime. It also expands automatic call distributor (ACD) neutrality—supporting all leading on-premises and cloud ACD suppliers—with an open application programming interface (API) library. Additionally, the suite now offers wide-ranging enhancements that enable organizations to interact with customers across many different channels—including a consolidated platform for recording calls, texts, Skype audio, chat and video—in [...]

Verint’s Industry-Leading Knowledge Management Now Available for Companies of All Sizes

New Cloud-Based, Enterprise-Class Knowledge Solution Advances Employee Engagement, Information Access and Consistency Across Customer Service Channels

MELVILLE, N.Y., July 19, 2017 Verint® Systems Inc.(Nasdaq: VRNT)today announced its new Knowledge Management Professional solution for organizations that span 90 to 90,000 users.The software is designed to quickly and easily get the right information to customers and employees at the right time, and help ensure the consistent delivery of that knowledge through shared intelligence across customer channels and touchpoints.

Every interaction between a company and customer is an information exchange—whether it’s a customer looking for information on a company’s website or a branch manager helping a couple prepare paperwork for a first home loan. Key to those interactions is access to timely, accurate information across the customer’s channel of choice. Many organizations today, however, face challenges fulfilling simple customer requirements—and their employees can get bogged down by an overwhelming amount of information housed in various repositories with no easy way or single point [...]

Real-Time Speech Analytics from Verint Optimizes Customer Engagement with Actionable Intelligence

Advanced Analytics Solution Helps Customer Engagement Centers Guide Interactions Toward Positive Outcomes, While Supporting Regulatory Compliance and Other Key Organizational Initiatives

MELVILLE, N.Y., August 24, 2016 Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT) today announced enhancements to its Real-Time Speech Analyticssolution. The software, which leverages conversational indicators and analyzes customer calls as they unfold, enables organizations to take a proactive approach to identifying opportunities to guide interactions for the mutual benefit of both the end customer and the organization. With the ability to positively influence customer interactions as they take place, companies can increase first-contact resolution, enhance the customer experience, manage policy and regulatory compliance and heighten satisfaction and loyalty.

Contextual Guidance at the Right Time

The sophisticated rules engine in Verint Real-Time Speech Analytics can identify the presence or absence of words and phrases, as well as the sentiment expressed. With rules functionality that supports a wide variety of word sequences —and proximity conditions that can identify situations in which a [...]

Insurance Specialist Admiral Group Drives Improvements in Customer Engagement Quality with Verint Solutions

Verint Customer Analytics and Workforce Optimisation Software Helps Organisation Achieve More Intelligent, Faster and Accurate Way of Categorising Calls to Gain New Levels of Customer Insight

WEYBRIDGE, U.K. and MELVILLE, N.Y., 22 August 2016 Verint® Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNT) today announced that one of the UK’s largest car insurance providers, Admiral Group, has gained new levels of customer insight leveraging Verint Speech Analytics, alongside its Verint Quality Management(QM)and Call Recording solutions.Using the integrated recording and speech engine to capture and analyse inbound and outbound calls, Admiral Group continues to gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey to identify training needs, improve operational efficiencies, and ultimately deliver an enhanced customer experience.

As one of the UK’s largest car insurance providers with market share across four brands—Admiral, Bell, Diamond and Elephant—Admiral Group operates several customer-facing contact departments. Based in South Wales, the group also has offices in Bangalore, Delhi and in Halifax, Canada. All contacts throughout the policy lifecycle [...]

Innovations in Performance Management Headline Latest Release of Verint Workforce Optimization

Today, Verint announced enhancements to its Performance Management solution, which includes a new user interface backed by advanced scorecards, gamification, eLearning and coaching. Press release is below and on for your reference.

Press Release

Innovations in Performance Management Headline Latest Release of Verint Workforce Optimization

MELVILLE, N.Y., February 16, 2016 Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today announced substantial enhancements to its Verint Workforce Optimization software designed to help contact center, back-office and branch operations better manage the performance of employees and operations.Armed with a brand new user experience and analytics, this latest release includes innovations in performance management to help organizations gain even greater insight into how employees are performing, how well goals are being met and how to better engage and take action on these insights.

This technology release comes at a time when market adoption for performance management software is projected to rise, according to research conducted by Saddletree Research. In a recent [...]

Verint and Vidyo Collaborate to Integrate Video Calls into Omnichannel Customer Engagement Centers

Combined Solutions Help Organizations Manage Compliance and Enhance Customer Experiences

MELVILLE, N.Y. and HACKENSACK, N.J., August 26, 2015 Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) and Vidyo, Inc., a leading provider of affordable cloud-based visual communication technology, today announced their collaboration to bring video to today’s customer engagement centers. The combined offerings allow businesses to bring greater insight into customer interactions by integrating video calls using the VidyoWorksplatform with Verint’s engagement management and voice recording solutions—both part of the company’s broader customer engagement optimization portfolio.

Together with the VidyoWorks platform, Verint Engagement Management helps enable video interactions between customers and service employees. The Verint solution is designed to deliver consistent, complete and contextual service capabilities for true omnichannel customer engagement. The VidyoWorks platform is a software-based video collaboration solution that provides consistent HD quality video communication across consumer devices over the Internet and 3G/4G/LTE mobile networks. Verint’s engagement management solution combines the benefits of knowledge-based interaction support and enhanced [...]

Verint Extends Customer Engagement Optimization Vision, Adding Innovative Community Software

Telligent, Acquired from Zimbra, Helps Organizations Enhance Support, Drive Digital Transformation and Ensure Brand Consistency

MELVILLE, N.Y., August 17, 2015 — Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today announced that it has extended its customer engagement optimization portfolio with the addition of a market-leading, enterprise-class community solution. As a result, organizations can uniquely provide actionable intelligence across customers’ omnichannel experiences to include voice, chat, email, web self-service, and now customer and employee communities.

Through its acquisition of Telligent®, a leader in software for customer support and digital marketing communities, Verint continues to advance its vision for customer engagement optimization. Customer communities serve as a natural extension to customer engagement optimization, and today, only Verint offers communities as part of a comprehensive platform with ties to engagement management, customer analytics and workforce optimization.

Communities as a Critical Part of Customer Engagement Optimization

With the combination, Verint and now Telligent (Zimbra Social) customers will be uniquely positioned to use the actionable intelligence that flows through their communities to help [...]

U.S.-Based Government Agency Extends Investment in Verint Actionable Intelligence Solutions

Organization to Add Workforce Management, eLearning and Performance Management to Help Drive Customer Engagement and Operational Efficiencies

MELVILLE, N.Y., April 30, 2015 — Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) today announced that a U.S.-based state government agency will implement its workforce optimization softwareto help optimize citizen engagement. Already a customer of Verint’s quality management and recording solutions, the agency pursued new workforce management, eLearning and performance management capabilities to help advance operational efficiencies, gain greater visibility across its enterprise, and address advanced business requirements unrealized through its incumbent solution.

The state government agency is focused on serving citizens with respect, concern and professionalism, while also providing excellent and efficient service. Like many government agencies, it operates in a resource-constrained environment and is required to comply with a number of data security regulations. Using the Verint solution1 will help the organization achieve its goals and requirements through the advanced forecasting and scheduling of workload and staff in its contact centers, and by [...]