June 12 -

Is your Training team ever spread thin?  Do you often rely on your support staff, management or your top Customer Service Performers to assist in training, side-by-sides, peer support, and small group sessions?

We recently had small group sessions with our support staff and management to take a moment and revisit Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Bloom's taxonomy is a set of hierarchical models used for classification of educational learning objectives into levels of complexity and specificity. It is frequently used to structure curriculum learning objectives, assessments and activities.  The models were named after Benjamin Bloom, who chaired the committee of educators that devised the taxonomy. He also edited the first volume of the standard text, Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: The Classification of Educational Goals.



These sessions helped us share information to assist them by:

  • Sharing reminders and awareness of adult learning principles.
  • Making sure we don’t just stop at the Applyingsection of Bloom’s Taxonomy, but ensuring we incorporate the Analyze, Evaluation, and Create
  • Asking our team what they can do to get to the Create section as they are assisting training support or how to apply the information in their current role.

Keep challenging each other as a team to grow and advance!

This tip provided by QATC Board Member Michelle Chevalier of EquiTrust Life Insurance Company.   She may be reached at Michelle.Chevalier@EquiTrust.com