SESTEK, a leading conversational automation company specializing in AI-powered solutions, has joined QATC as a Silver Corporate Partner.

SESTEK’s Conversational Automation technology solutions of Analytics, Automated Quality Management & Virtual Agent, have been helping brands improve customer interactions and
business insights of contact center ecosystems for 23 years.

Yalim Eristiren, Regional Director of North America expressed his enthusiasm of joining QATC stating;

"Organizations like Quality Assurance & Training connection play a pivotal role in education, learning, knowledge sharing, & collaborating with peers on best practices. As our team expands our solutions to North America, we look forward to collaborating with QATC members, and will be kicking off such efforts with our speaking engagement at QATC’s annual conference in Nashville, TN Sept 26-28."

Conversational Automation solutions transform the way businesses operate. According to Aberdeen’s “The Intelligent Contact Center” study, AI-powered call centers witnesses a 2.4X increase in annual agent productivity and a 3.3X increase in annual customer retention rates. By leveraging AI, businesses can streamline call center operations and allow agents & staff to focus on more urgent and complex issues.