Fundamentals of Quality Monitoring Web Series

QATC members can now register for the Fundamentals of Quality Monitoring web seminar series at no charge! The 5-part quality web seminars delivered by industry expert Deelee Freeman of Call Center Training Associates will be offered once a month starting in March. Each 60-minute session will provide practical knowledge to help you design your quality monitoring forms and develop a comprehensive quality monitoring program.

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QATC Member-Led Web Seminars

QATC also hosts web seminars that are led by our members and other experts in the industry. These sessions are available only to QATC members at no charge.

Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Time: 11:00 CT

Generation WHAT? Understanding Generations and Their Impact on WFM in the Modern Contact Center.

Gen Z, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X – some have names and letters? The years change, and what is a Xennial? Does any of this matter? What is a Yeet? Awkward moments can come at multi-generational dinners, big Zoom meetings, or even shift bidd. Generations and context matter because the world evolves – change is rapid, but the human experience is constant. In this session we will talk about some of the things that impact how each of the main cohorts in the workforce today can influence what you do, and how they impact your role and even your work as a team. No single session can cover all of generational theory, but we can equip you with some strategies to have some meaningful moments, give some understanding to what the current definitions are, and maybe avoid some cringe.

Speaker: Marshall Lee, ttec

Sponsor-Led Web Seminars

In addition to the Member/Trainer-led web seminars, QATC also hosts web seminars that are led by our sponsors, who are leaders in the industry. This educational series is presented by our QATC sponsors, and while some will be available only to QATC members and have a limit on the number of attendees, others may be available to the general public with no limit on the number of attendees. There is no charge for these web seminars as well.

Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Time: 11:00 am-12:00 pm CT

Happy Agents = Happy Customers = Happy Business. Agents are the greatest asset in a Contact Center. A lot is demanded from them, both from the business and the customer. Are we really doing enough to motivate agents? Gamification is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world – but get it wrong, and it’ll have the opposite effect. Get it right, and you have an engaged, motivated, and inspired community of agents. In this session we’ll explore how to create a gamification program to make agents the center of your success. – Speaker: Chris Mounce, Evaluagent

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ate: Tuesday, October 17, 2023
Time: 11:00 am-12:00 pm CT

Making Quality Work for Tomorrow’s Agent
The role of the agent is changing rapidly. AI and automation are driving more complex interactions and higher customer expectations. To stay ahead of the curve, contact centers must be prepared to empower agents with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they need to succeed. During this webinar, we will discuss how organization leaders are meeting this challenge by implementing new and innovative approaches to coaching, quality, and training.
Speaker: Corey Mustard, Solutions Consultant, Centrical

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Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm CT

Why AI and Bots are Critical to Improving Contact Center Performance. AI and bots are two of the hottest topics in technology today, but what do they really mean for contact centers? Innovative AI capabilities and bots can help modernize contact centers, improve both customer and agent experiences, and increase efficiency and accuracy. However, this only works when they are seamlessly embedded into workflows and support the work that agents need to do—at the time and place they are already working—without disruption. Join this webinar, and you’ll learn…

  • The compelling reasons why executives are focusing on AI
  • How AI-powered bots are injected into contact center processes to help deliver CX automation
  • Specific examples of the impact within quality management programs
  • The influence on both customer and agent experiences

Speaker: Tricia Manning, Director, GTM, Workforce Engagement, Verint

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Date: Thursday, August 25, 2023
Time: 1:00-2:00 CT

The Next Generation of Quality Programs—Delivering More Impact with Less Effort! Are you monitoring only a small selection of agent interactions? You’re not alone. Many organizations review less than 3% of agent conversations—and often none that happen in their bot and digital channels. Learn why contact center quality monitoring programs are more critical than ever and how automation can deliver big wins for your business—improving quality processes, compliance adherence, agent coaching, and the customer experience. – Speaker: Tricia Manning, Director, Go-to-Market Strategy | Quality & Compliance, Verint

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Date: Thursday, March 24, 2022
Time: 11:00 CT

Strategies for Transforming Your Quality Program Post Pandemic.

What does it take to deliver exceptional customer service in the post pandemic era? Quality teams can play a significant role in reshaping the contact center of the future when it comes to delivering a gold standard of service. Join this session and learn how to arm your team with the next generation tools and best practices that will guarantee success. – Speaker: Lauren Maschio & Kim Steele, NICE

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Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Time: 11:00 CT

Evaluate the Evaluation: Avoid Forms for Forms’ Sake.

We’ve all experienced it; good intentions gone awry when a form meant to improve quality turns cumbersome, becoming just another item to check off the list. It takes away from the real reason we do what we do: improving the customer experience. As a Quality program, how do we simplify the experience to increase agents' quality and make our analysts’ lives easier? Join Dave Hoekstra of Calabrio as we get to the heart of what QA should be about through simplification of your evaluation forms and processes. From predictive evaluations, sentiment analysis, and even basic ways to reduce form complexity, join Calabrio to learn ways to lean on data and analytics to simplify the what – and why – of QA. – Speaker: Dave Hoekstra, Calabrio

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Date: Thursday, February 17, 2022
Time: 11:00 CT

Using QA and Math to Target Process Improvement.

Process improvement is, well, a process. It involves measuring performance, finding outliers or process bottlenecks, and fixing them. For call centers, Quality Assurance (QA) is most often the measurer and the problem finder. But what if we could use math or dashboards to find systematic problems in contact center performance? We would then use the power of QA to diagnose and fix issues that affect the call center operation as a whole. In this session, we will walk through some ways to look at your data, to spot those problems. Please come ready to share any stories you may have about making great improvements to your operation. – Speaker: Ric Kosiba, Sharpen Technologies

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Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Time: 12:00 CT

Empower Agents To Be Your Biggest Advocates

Remote work is here to stay. With that, feedback is harder to share and coaching is harder to conduct, meaning contact centers are struggling with quality and service control amid rising contact volumes. They need to adapt and evolve their Quality Management programs using solutions that are built to support the modern contact center. This means implementing technologies that also take a humanistic approach to QM by removing the search and subjectivity of old-school QM processes, thereby empowering managers to coach more and hunt less—exactly what agents need in a remote working environment! Our technology not only automates a painful, yet pervasive manual process but helps modernize it in a way that addresses the myriad needs of 21st century employees. So how can you empower agents to enact coaching recommendations and even self-coach in a remote working world?


Keegan Brenneman, Principal Product Manager. Keegan Brenneman is a Principal Product Manager at Clarabridge. Originally responsible for Case Management and guaranteeing system governance, he now focuses more on maximizing your Clarabridge experience. This has been demonstrated most notably with the creation of Intelligent Scoring, a patent-pending enrichment engine that makes Quality Management by Clarabridge a reality.

Ryan Murphy, Product Manager Associate. Ryan Murphy is a product manager at Clarabridge, where her not-so-inner linguistics nerd can run free. She is a northern Virginia native, but crossed the Potomac to attend Georgetown University, where she earned her B.A. and a Regent’s Award for her studies in linguistics. She concurrently studied philosophy and cognitive science, which informed her post-grad work as a federal consultant focusing on AI ethics. When she’s not immersed in Intelligent Scoring use cases or brainstorming novel CX Studio features with her team, she can be found testing new recipes, exploring NYC on her bike, or training for marathons and triathlons.

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Archived Web Seminars

To Scoring and Beyond: Automate Agent QA

Scoring is intended to help evaluate agent performance, quality of service and risk. Manually evaluating millions of customer service interactions at scale is complex and costly and sampling techniques yield incomplete and biased analysis missing important trends and patterns. AI-powered text and speech analytics now make it possible to automatically score 100% of agent interactions across custom-defined criteria. Automatically scoring every dialog or piece of feedback in a transparent manner enables teams to spend less time hunting and more time acting for Agent QA and other key organizational initiatives. In this session, we will highlight ways to use automated scoring techniques to transform your organization through automated agent QA, post interaction survey replacement, agent and team performance benchmarking, unbiased scorecard design, positive reinforcement in coaching, understanding the customer experience, and more.

Join us on Tuesday, November 17th at 12 PM ET/11 AM CT to learn how you can:

  • Create custom, transparent scoring criteria to evaluate agent behaviors and skills at scale
  • Evaluate and score agent behaviors and skills in an unbiased way using speech and text analytics
  • Go beyond Agent QA and use scoring for organizational transformation initiatives
  • Use analytics to improve individual and contact center-wide performance

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Keeping Remote Employees Engaged: QA Best Practices

The benefits of a strong quality assurance program stretch far beyond the walls of the contact center, but in recent times of remote working, you may be struggling to assess agent performance and keep employees engaged.

As your brand’s voice on the front line, it’s imperative to find new and unique ways to keep your remote agents motivated to maintain performance and deliver quality customer care.

Attend this webinar, featuring Dave Hoekstra and Robin Butterfield from Calabrio, to learn:

  • Do I need to score more calls when my agents are working from home?
  • How can I make conversations personal over video?
  • How can I make coaching as effective when not in person?
  • Are there tools that can help me keep track of things more efficiently?

Dave Hoekstra & Robin Butterfield, Calabrio

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Eliminate Manual Call Dispositioning: How American Family Insurance Utilizes Analytics to Power Their Contact Center.

For years, Contact Center agents completed a call with a customer and then had to spend the next 2 – 5 minutes notating what was discussed, action items and call outcomes taking up time, decreasing completed calls and increasing costs. American Family Insurance was like others; however, they have implemented speech analytics to transform the way their Contact Center is optimizing costs, improving agent efficiencies and improving the customer experience.

Join this webinar with American Family Insurance and Clarabridge as they discuss:

  • Why ingesting a myriad of different customer feedback channels – calls, chat transcripts, surveys, etc. – only benefits companies
  • How American Family Insurance completely eliminated manual agent call dispositioning by using Clarabridge’s text analytics to automatically categorize calls
  • How American Family Insurance is piloting programs to automatically score and evaluate every call

Speakers: Shorit Ghosh, Clarabridge, & Jon Levenhagen, American Family Insurance

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Member/Trainer-Led Web Seminars

QATC presents live web seminars throughout the year for our members. The topics for these web seminars will range from basic quality monitoring and call center training to advanced topics. This educational series will be presented by our members and industry experts and are available only to QATC members. There is no charge for the web seminars, but they are limited to the first 500 registrants.

Friday, October 15, 2021
2:00-3:00 pm ET

Creating a Thriving Culture in a Post-Pandemic Work Environment. This session is an introspective challenge to each individual to determine that thriving is not just the right response to the year we have come out of, but it is the only response we will accept. And we are all in this place, not by default but by determination – and that does not end here. While we will talk about key changes that are to be expected in the post-pandemic workplace, we will also share insights concerning human behaviors to anticipate, and provide reassurance that at times we may be weary but our strength is still there. We are more attuned to the world around us, more aware of the humanity of our community, our clients, our consumers, and more prepared than ever to meet their needs and thrive together. Speaker: Penny Tootle, Utilligent

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Archived Web Seminars

Trust Destructors: The Top 5 Ways to Ruin Engagement with Your Coaching Practices. One of the greatest ways we build trust with employees is through review and discussion of their work performance. Our fairness, honesty, courage, and advocacy during coaching contributes to our credibility, which affects employees' engagement, performance, and retention. It's hard to be direct and courageous when it comes to discussing peoples' work behaviors though, and there are several ways we can fail at it miserably! Come to this session to learn what not to do to ensure employee engagement. – Speaker: Melissa Pollock, AmplifAI Solutions, Inc.

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Your Coaches Need Coaching, Too! Coaches play a key role in the success of your employees. Has your company adopted a particular coaching model and have all your coaches been trained? What do you do beyond that training to ensure your coaches are using the model properly and encouraging the reps for good work while also lining up plans for opportunities to improve? The speakers in this session will share what they’re doing and provide insight that could work in your contact center. – Speakers: Debbie Short, Cokesbury, & Todd Gladden, PlanMen

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Selling Quality at an Organization Level: Building an Effective Business Case. Everyone knows that quality is integral to the success of the organization, right? Sure they do, which begs the question, can it be proven? The bottom line is, advancements in your quality program are dependent on your ability to not only sell the value of such a program but to prove where quality efforts have paid off for the organization. Let’s build a case for quality together that you can take back and sell! – Speaker: Penny Tootle, Utilligent

If you missed this session at the QATC Annual Conference, you are in luck! We are presenting several conference sessions via web seminar over the next few months, so you can catch up on some of the sessions you weren't able to attend at the conference!

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Data and Numbers – How Are You Using Them? You are creating results and reports that provide numbers and data to those individuals interested in the results, right? What are you doing with those numbers? What are they doing with your reports? Are you in the trap of generating numbers and reports but nothing is happening other than your routine creation of them? Join this interactive discussion to talk about the who, how, and why behind numbers being generated in the quality team and how they can actually be actionable. – Speaker: Barb Bleiler, WPS Health Solutions

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