Transitioning Back to the Center from Work from Home

By Craig Montgomery, Answeron

A Feedback Action Plan

Just like any process, practice makes perfect.  If you are an individual that regularly provides feedback, consider putting together a Feedback Action Plan and using it to fine-tune your delivery over time.

As you prepare to deliver feedback, pause along the way and answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the situation where feedback is required.
  2. Who is the intended receiver of the feedback?
  3. What is the information to be discussed?
  4. How do you plan to show consideration for the recipient?
  5. Do you feel confident in your ability to stay focused and practice active listening? What distractions concern you?
  6. What is the specific behavior you wish to address?  Is the discussion about reinforcing a good behavior or pointing out behaviors that need to change?
  7. What are the consequences if the recipient chooses to change behavior or not change behavior?
  8. When and where will you provide this feedback?
  9. How will you respond if the person elects not to change?
  10. What is your motivation for giving this feedback?
  11. What questions will you ask to ensure recipient understands the feedback?
  12. Who are other people that can support you in providing the feedback if necessary?

After the feedback was delivered, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What went well about the session?
  2. What was most challenging?
  3. What did not go well and should have been handled differently?
  4. Did you use the action plan?  What parts of the preparation helped you most?
  5. How comfortable were you in giving feedback?