July 13 -

One thing that is constant in business is change.   We can't avoid it. Customers, products, service, call flows ― everything changes over time. But as much as we don’t like change, if we didn't change in positive ways, we wouldn't stay in business.

How we personally approach change in business says a lot about our potential longevity in the business world. We can choose to be "Change Champions" and help others through transitions of change, or we can choose to jump on the "Whine Train" and grumble and moan about why we have to change. Human nature is to resist change, so we have to encourage ourselves and others to embrace change. Those who survive and succeed during times of great challenge are the individuals and organizations who learn to take advantage of opportunities that come from change and cultivate resiliency.

Here are four easy B-Attitudes for managing change and being a Change Champion in your group and organization:

Be Positive

View life as challenging opportunities

Be Focused

Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish

Be Adaptive

Exhibit flexibility when responding to uncertainty

Be Proactive

Embrace change instead of avoiding it

Note: This week’s tip provided by QATC Board Member Todd Gladden of PlanMen. He may be reached at todd.gladden@planmen.com.