Be sure to get the most out of your Customer Surveys!

June 23 - Ever wonder what your customers would say about your Quality Assurance (QA) program?  There is an easy way to find out. In your next calibration session, select calls where customers rated their experience.  Walk thru your QA calibration process, then walk through the customer responses.  Do they align?  This is a great way to know if your program is hitting on the things customers really care about. Also, don't let the GOOD customer feedback go to waste. Most of the time we review the customer survey data and focus solely on what we did wrong.  Be sure to take advantage of the good comments too, by sharing them with your agents. This will help reinforce the positive behaviors they are already doing. In our organization each week, we send a report to all agents in the center that highlights all survey responses that met a certain rating criteria [...]