Back Together Again for the QATC Annual Conference!

The halls around our meeting rooms at the Hilton Nashville Downtown were buzzing with excitement for three days in September during the 2022 QATC Annual Conference.  We were back together again for the first time since 2019 and the attendees were talking and networking during every free minute, and were engaged during each session.  

Attendees were treated to two pre-conference sessions on Monday morning, and then the conference was kicked off with an energetic session that included a fabulous keynote address from Penny Tootle of Utilligent.  After the keynote address, participants had the opportunity to choose from five concurrent breakout sessions during each workshop time slot for the rest of the conference.  Sessions focused on quality monitoring, training, coaching, and other topics such as surveying.  

Here are some comments from the attendees:

“I really enjoyed meeting others with similar goals and was really able to connect, on a professional level, more than I think I ever had in the past. I was able to make friends and create a network list that will help me get through the tough times and help me grow.”

“I was thrilled with having so many actionable items that I can take back to my organization.  I also learned how other organizations have approached QA challenges and used QA to support their staff.”  

“I just wanted to thank everyone for putting in the time and effort to make this happen. This was my first experience going to any type of conference and my first trip to Nashville — both were a huge success. As I sit here and reflect on my time, that I really think it has had a positive impact on my professional life but also me as a person. Thank you!”

“QATC provides a wealth of info and webinars throughout the year that I find to be very valuable. The conference was an excellent way to make connections and experience the interactions with others in the contact csenter industry.”  

“The conference in general was an amazing experience for me.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and you didn’t disappoint.  I’m excited to start using some of the items learned during the conference.  Very inspired to take our team to new levels!”

Mark your calendar for the 2023 QATC Annual Conference, which is set for September 26-28 at the Hilton Nashville Downtown.  Hope to see you there!

qatc 2022 conference collage