Don’t Miss the 2019 QATC Annual Conference!

Are you looking for one place to find the latest information on Quality Assurance and Training trends and technologies in the contact center?  Would you like to have the opportunity to network with your Quality Assurance and Training peers and discuss your toughest challenges? If so, then there is a conference designed specifically for you!

Register today for the 2019 Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) Annual Conference, which is set for Tuesday-Thursday, September 17-19, at the Hilton Nashville Downtown Hotel in Nashville, TN.  The draft agenda is now on the website at Attendees can take advantage of over 50 breakout sessions, as well as plenty of time for networking with your peers.

Need some help convincing management that you should attend the 2019 QATC Annual Conference?  Use the document below as a template to help!




RE: Request for Funding — 2019 QATC Annual Conference

I’d like to attend the 2019 Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) Annual Conference in Nashville, TN occurring on September 17-19, 2019.

I have been looking for a conference that would offer me a place to find the latest information  on quality assurance and training trends and technologies in the contact center. I have researched this conference and found testimonials that provide me with the type of information that I think can take our training and quality program to new levels. This aligns directly to my job with sessions that are applicable to everyday activities in our contact center. I would have the opportunity to network with my QA and training peers and discuss the issues facing me in my day-to-day tasks. I would also be able to see the latest in quality and training technologies in the Sponsor Showcase at the conference.

I am very impressed with the benefits these organizations have seen from QATC conferences.   For example, here are quotes from individuals that have attended the conference in the past:

“This conference was a fantastic opportunity to really focus on QA & Coaching. I have been to bigger call center conferences before but they have not had enough focus on QA or Coaching, or they’ve been too focused on technology solutions. The QATC Annual Conference was great for sharing real world business challenges in my areas of interest.”

“I left this conference with far more notes and content than I ever have at other conferences. I really felt that I got my money’s worth!”

“I sincerely enjoyed this conference. Every goal I had prior to attending was met and I learned so much about this industry. Before this conference, I was self-taught. This conference made me realize that I am not unique in my pain points and someone at the conference has had and overcome every single pain point my QM program has.”

The cost for the conference is $(Insert your total request here). I would also like to recommend the following associates also attend this conference along with myself.  (Number of participants including people from other departments). The cost per person is just $(Enter amount). I can’t think of a more cost-effective way to improve our quality and training programs by attending this conference and joining the organization to take advantage of the networking opportunities, educational programs, online forums, and other resources QATC provides throughout the year.

I hope you agree that this is a productive activity for our staff and that you will fund the full $(Restate amount) requested.

I’ll be happy to meet at your convenience to discuss the details and to provide any additional information you need to grant this request.

Mark your calendar for the

2019 QATC Annual Conference

September 17-19

Hilton Nashville Downtown • Nashville, Tennessee