Finding Time for Mentoring

A key element for the success of promising new call center employees is to pair them with a mentor — someone that can serve as a role model and trusted advisor.  As a supervisor or team manager, you may have senior members of your team serve in a mentor role or you as the direct manager can mentor a new employee.

Many supervisors and team managers say they can’t find enough time in their busy schedules and long to-do lists to take time out to mentor employees one-on-one.  If you find yourself using that excuse, here’s one suggested time-management approach that can help you carve out 3-4 hours a week to devote to this important individual support.  It’s called the 15-5-10 approach.

Track all your weekly activities and how much time spent on each one. Prioritize these activities and also look at what activities could either be avoided or at least delegated to others to accomplish.  Map out the bottom 15% of activities and delegate to others to do. (This can be a good way to help senior members of your team develop their management skills.) Use 5% of the saved time to review their progress of these tasks.  That still leaves you with 10% of time — about 4 hours a week — to devote to other developmental activities. You may want to use some of this time to develop your own skills through reading, research, etc.  But take at least half that time saved and apply it to your up-and-coming stars on the team. They’ll benefit by your direct one-on-one attention, giving you a great return on your time investment.

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