September 4 -

How do AI and Automation help Quality Management (QM)? Fifty-eight percent (58%) of contact centers plan to invest in an AI solution to monitor agent performance and automate quality scoring.*

Automation is a software-directed action based on a set of predefined rules created by humans. Automation removes manual tasks that often aren’t a productive use of a human’s time.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machine learning. AI analyzes complex data sets and makes recommendations or takes action based on what it learns. It continually evolves to create increasingly better results. AI solutions remove the complexity of working with large data sets and reveal insights humans can then use to do their work more efficiently.

Customers are more fickle than ever — making QM more important than ever. AI and automation can help Quality Analysts be more efficient in their work.

  • Automate routine checks: AI can detect whether or not the most common parts of interactions such as greetings and required statements.
  • Guide analysts to the right issues: AI can make suggestions to help analysts zero in on quality issues in less time and address them faster.
  • Prompt the right coaching: Prompt feedback is vital and automation can deliver the most critical coaching sooner.
  • Understand customer sentiment: With AI, you can detect customer sentiment and take action faster in order to resolve issues and close service gaps early.

While AI technology might have seemed intrusive to customers in the past, most now embrace companies using it. Customers want to see AI used especially if it will make their experience better. Technologies like self-service portals or chatbots — or something more behind-the-scenes like AI-driven quality management — boost service before a customer ever interacts with an agent.

Ultimately, using AI and automation to improve your quality management gives you a competitive edge by helping you find ways to create a better experience for your agents, your analysts — and most importantly, your customer.

*Source: State of Contact Center Technology, 2023 January Market Study

This week’s tip is provided by Chrissy Calabrese, VP of Product Marketing with Playvox. Chrissy can be reached on LinkedIn