June 27 -

In a real sense, preparing for a job interview takes place long before submitting your application. When applying internally, hiring managers will be looking at how well you perform your current job and be looking to see if you demonstrate the skills and qualifications needed for the next one. Focus on mastering your current position. Ask the questions that you need to succeed. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, admit failure, and pick yourself up to try again. Find ways to be more efficient in your role. Learn how to be reliable and how to demonstrate that to those around you. While mastering your current position, focus on developing the skills that your future position needs you to have, then demonstrate that you have those skills in your current role. And when all is said and done, don't wait for perfection before reaching for what you want. In a sense, a person's hunger for the role, humility and self-awareness is more desirable in a candidate than the skill set that they have.

Your leaders want you to be successful, and seeing you grow professionally and reaching your goals is one of our main responsibilities. As such, here are a few tips to help ease your mind and get you ready - whether that is for an internal promotion or as you prepare for your dream job:


  • Talk to someone that is currently in the position that you are applying for. Ask them questions about what they like and dislike about the job. Ask them what their day to day is like and what their responsibilities are. Your goal is to get an idea of whether this is really something that you are interested in doing. Also ask questions that will help you identify the goals, challenges and successes the department has. You will also want to learn from this conversation which of your strengths will help the department achieve success if you were to be in this position. This will help you later on in the interview as you go to answer questions.
  • Talk to the head of the department. Ask them what they are looking for in a candidate, what their goals are for the position, what challenges they are facing with the position, what culture is like, how they live the company's core values, etc. You want to get an idea of what is expected and how you can help the role to grow. Understanding what is important to the department and to your future boss will allow you to tailor your answers to that position.

Next week’s tip will give some information about how to prepare for an interview.  Stay tuned!

Note:  This tip is provided QATC Board Member Ammon Davis of Avantguard.   He may be reached at adavis@agmonitoring.com