Web Seminar — 5 Strategies to Boost Finserv and Insurance Contact Center Performance and CX

Digital innovation, evolving customer expectations, and ever-changing security concerns are creating new challenges for frontline Insurance and Financial Services teams. That’s why it’s more important than ever to build and scale programs that empower your sales and service agents with the knowledge, motivation, and coaching they need to delight customers and deliver best-in-class customer experiences!  Join us on June 13th at 11am ET / 4pm BST to see how Centrical can help your team quickly improve key metrics such as adherence, quality, FCR, and CSAT by gamifying performance, improving team engagement, and addressing knowledge and performance gaps in the moment of need.   Gain a competitive edge! In this session you will learn how to:  Maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities while driving better customer experiences by improving employee product knowledge with targeted microlearning and creating healthy competition with gamified performance targets.  Elevate the employee experience from onboarding and beyond to reduce early [...]

Sponsor Web Seminar — Workforce Management (WFM): Why Spreadsheets Are So Over

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 2:00pm Eastern Workforce Management (WFM): Why Spreadsheets Are So Over Spreadsheets were positioned as optimal solutions for contact centers serving one channel of customer communication with agents that are only trained for that channel. Those days are over. Join industry veterans, Chrissy Calabrese, VP Product Marketing, and Donna Lightfoot, Product Marketing Manager, WFM with Playvox, to discuss the top five reasons why spreadsheets are no longer an effective tool for forecasting and scheduling. We will also discuss best practices in moving away from spreadsheets and how you can easily show return on your workforce investment. You'll Learn: Why spreadsheets are not effective for forecasting and scheduling How to evolve your business beyond spreadsheets How to build a business case for a WFM solution QATC members can click here to register for this webinar.

Fundamentals of QA Web Seminar Series — Call Calibration: The Path to Consistency in Quality Monitoring

Thursday, June 15, 2023 1:00pm CT Call Calibration: The Path to Consistency in Quality Monitoring Call calibration is a process whereby quality analysts and supervisors evaluate a single call, measure the variance and reconcile the differences. Call centers who are well calibrated experience greater overall consistency in quality and service to their customers. In this session, you will learn the six key decision points for creating an effective calibration program, how to measure your calibration efforts, as well as the best practices for conducting productive calibration sessions. QATC members can click here to register for this web seminar.

Sponsor Webinar: Redefining the Frontline Employee Experience with AI-Powered Microlearning

Whether onboarding, upskilling or cross-skilling, or simply staying on top of regulatory updates, employee training is critical across the employee lifecycle. But traditional training methods will only do so much. How can you ensure that employees retain their knowledge, and effectively put it into practice? And how can organizations create frontline training material quickly, efficiently, and at scale?   Join our upcoming webinar on July 12th at 11am ET / 4pm BST to learn how AI-powered targeted, personalized microlearning, can help fight the “forgetting curve” and how contact centers, BPOs, and other organizations can leverage generative AI to quickly and efficiently generate relevant frontline training content at scale to drive organizational agility, keeping frontline employees engaged and well-trained.     What we will cover:    Streamlining the onboarding process for new hires (and preventing early attrition)  Accelerating time to proficiency  Creating personalized, targeted, and guided experiences for employees and supervisors  The advantages of implementing advanced [...]

Fundamentals of QA Web Seminar — Call Coaching Fundamentals: Preparation and Delivery of Impactful Feedback

Thursday, July 20, 2023 1:00pm CT Call Coaching Fundamentals: Preparation and Delivery of Impactful Feedback You can have the most advanced quality recording technology, evaluation and analytical tools, but if you are not delivering impactful call coaching, you will continue to fall short in providing reliable high-quality service to your customers. This session provides practical suggestions to 1). Create a coaching plan; 2). Deliver feedback and 3). Follow-up with continued support. You will learn three specific approaches to call coaching aimed to motivate and develop behaviors required to meet process requirements and create a satisfying, memorable customer experience. QATC members can click here to register for this web seminar.

Web Seminar — Why AI and Bots are Critical to Improving Contact Center Performance

Date:  Wednesday, August 23, 2023 Time:  1:00-2:00 pm CT AI and bots are two of the hottest topics in technology today, but what do they really mean for contact centers? Innovative AI capabilities and bots can help modernize contact centers, improve both customer and agent experiences, and increase efficiency and accuracy.  However, this only works when they are seamlessly embedded into workflows and support the work that agents need to do—at the time and place they are already working—without disruption. Join this webinar, and you’ll learn… The compelling reasons why executives are focusing on AI How AI-powered bots are injected into contact center processes to help deliver CX automation Specific examples of the impact within quality management programs The influence on both customer and agent experiences Speaker: Tricia Manning, Director, GTM, Workforce Engagement, Verint Click here to register for this web seminar.

Live Webinar Partner Spotlight – Neuraflash: Level Up Your Playvox Solution with Neuraflash

Live Webinar Partner Spotlight- Neuraflash: Level Up Your Playvox Solution with Neuraflash On Thursday, August 24 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time join this live webinar to learn how you can connect your chosen technologies for better outcomes, and create exceptional agent and customer experiences. You’ll Learn: Ways you can yield success like those shared in real customer scenarios How the joint solutions offered by Neuraflash and Playvox benefit your contact center About Neuraflash and the solutions they offer SWPP Members can register for this webinar here. QATC Members can register for this webinar here.

Sponsor Webinar – The Digital Transformation: Are We Still Transforming?

Wednesday, August 30 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time  Join Sylvia Mattl, Quality Manager at 5CA, and Michelle Randall, CMO at Playvox, for an insightful webinar that dives into the evolution of customer service at 5CA: You’ll Learn: How 5CA leveraged AI and automation for rapid responses to commonly asked questions Ways to reduce time spent on resolving escalations The secret to driving multi-channel support and full automation of the QA process If you are looking for ways to maximize impact, register now to discover how you can emulate 5CA’s success and spearhead your contact center’s digital transformation with tips from these trailblazers. SWPP Members can register for this webinar here. QATC Members can register for this webinar here.

Sponsor Webinar – How to Infuse AI Into QM: What You Need to Know

Webinar - How to Infuse AI Into QM: What You Need to Know Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Across all industries, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming into its own as a tool to increase efficiency, automate tasks, and reduce costs. Before adopting AI in your business there are important things that businesses should consider before making that jump. Join Playvox experts, Chrissy Calabese and Madelyn Gengelbach, to discuss how quality management is being infused with AI. They will also review things that should be considered as you are evolving your QM processes and some best practices in implementing them. If you are thinking about taking that leap into a more automated and AI-driven quality practice, you won’t want to miss this! You’ll Learn: What is automated quality, and how can it benefit your contact center Important considerations when incorporating AI into your core quality processes Best practices for implementing [...]

2023 QATC Annual Conference

Hilton Downtown Nashville 121 Fourth Avenue South, Nashville, TN, United States

Join us for the 2023 QATC Annual Conference! Tuesday-Thursday, September 26-28 Hilton Nashville Downtown REGISTER NOW!   Are you looking for one place to find the latest information on quality assurance and training trends and technologies in the call center? Do you attend other call center industry conferences and find only a handful of sessions that are applicable to your job? Would you like to have the opportunity to network with your QA and training peers and discuss your toughest problems? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you’ll want to attend the 2023 QATC Annual Conference this fall. In addition, you will: Hear exciting speakers and industry experts Explore the latest in quality and training technologies in the Sponsor Showcase Network with your peers You don’t want to miss this exciting event, so make your plans to attend now. Click here to register today! For more information, [...]

Sponsor Web Seminar — Making Quality Work for Tomorrow’s Agent

Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 Time: 11:00 am-12:00 pm CT Making Quality Work for Tomorrow’s Agent The role of the agent is changing rapidly. AI and automation are driving more complex interactions and higher customer expectations. To stay ahead of the curve, contact centers must be prepared to empower agents with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors they need to succeed. During this webinar, we will discuss how organization leaders are meeting this challenge by implementing new and innovative approaches to coaching, quality, and training. Speaker: Corey Mustard, Solutions Consultant, Centrical Click here to register for this web seminar.

Sponsor Web Seminar — Boosting the Frontline Pre-boarding and Onboarding Experience

Web Seminar:  Boosting the Frontline Pre-boarding and Onboarding Experience October 24 | 11 AM ET Your newly hired frontline employees might be new to working at a contact center, potentially making the onboarding process both intimidating and overwhelming. New hires (especially remote employees) might find it difficult to know where to go for support. And that support is key – without it, even the most capable, hardworking new hires will drive down quality and service levels, decrease overall efficiency, and cause costly early attrition. This is why frontline organizations must implement performance experience strategies before and during onboarding.   Join our upcoming webinar on October 24 to learn how to set new hires up for long-term success by reinforcing learning through AI-powered, targeted microlearning, knowledge checks, and more.  What we will cover:    How to get frontline employees on board before they join the organization  Streamlining the onboarding process for new hires [...]

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