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Don't Miss this Complimentary Virtual Conference!
June 5 - 6, 2023

The people are the most valuable asset of your contact center as they represent the face and voice of your company in providing exceptional customer service. While recruiting campaigns focus on identifying essential traits, skills, or abilities in potential employees, keeping them trained, coached, and engaged is crucial.

To learn best practices for your employees, register and attend the two-day  "Techniques for Training, Coaching and Employee Engagement"  free virtual event that offers live sessions tailored to your interests.

For no cost, without leaving your office, you can:

  • Attend the live sessions that are most interesting to you
  • Browse Exhibitor Booths
  • Learn more about vendors, analysts, and speakers
  • Network with other attendees
  • Enter to win prizesCLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

    This year's expert speakers are presenting the following topics during the virtual conference: 

  • Keynote: Aligning Intentions with Impact: How to Truly Engage Your Workforce
  • Prioritizing Agent Support and Reimagining Processes for Success
  • Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Team: Effective Coaching Strategies for a Hybrid Workplace
  • Empowering Agents to Meet Evolving Customer Expectations - Strategies for Improved Agent Training and Technology Integration
  • Improve Retention - How Onboarding Training Can Lower Churn
  • Supercharge Your Contact Center With These Super Powerswww

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