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Whether onboarding, upskilling or cross-skilling, or simply staying on top of regulatory updates, employee training is critical across the employee lifecycle. But traditional training methods will only do so much. How can you ensure that employees retain their knowledge, and effectively put it into practice? And how can organizations create frontline training material quickly, efficiently, and at scale? 

 Join our upcoming webinar on July 12th at 11am ET / 4pm BST to learn how AI-powered targeted, personalized microlearning, can help fight the “forgetting curve” and how contact centers, BPOs, and other organizations can leverage generative AI to quickly and efficiently generate relevant frontline training content at scale to drive organizational agility, keeping frontline employees engaged and well-trained.   

What we will cover:   

  • Streamlining the onboarding process for new hires (and preventing early attrition) 
  • Accelerating time to proficiency 
  • Creating personalized, targeted, and guided experiences for employees and supervisors 
  • The advantages of implementing advanced gamification as part of microlearning
  • How the Centrical platform leverages ChatGPT for the fast and scalable creation of frontline learning materials 

Click here to register: https://centrical.com/events/demo-redefining-the-frontline-employee-experience-with-ai-powered-microlearning/?utm_source=qatc&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=redefining_the_frontline_employee_experience_with_ai_powered_microlearning

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