E-Learning Benefit from The Call Center School

QATC members receive exclusive access to The Call Center School’s Cloud Learning platform.  Members receive a one-time credit towards the training of your choice from The Call Center School during your first year of membership. This provides you with the flexibility to choose from a variety of topics, and select what best suits you and your team’s needs and interests. The credit amount is $295 for Individual Members, $595 for Site Members, and $1,595 for Corporate Members.

You can expect an email from The Call Center School with a link to redeem your credit, but feel free to start looking through The Call Center School’s course library today.

After you redeem your one-time credit, you will then receive a 10% discount on all subsequent orders with The Call Center School.

For more information about this program, please visit The Call Center School’s website at www.thecallcenterschool.com.  QATC members can contact Executive Director Vicki Herrell at vicki.herrell@qatc.org with any questions about the QATC educational benefit.