E-Learning Benefit from The Call Center School

QATC members receive exclusive access to The Call Center School’s Cloud Learning platform.  Each QATC member will receive access to a set of specific interactive e-learnings from the Quality Assurance, WFM, Supervision, and Frontline Curriculums each year. These e-learning modules will be changed each year to allow you to expand your knowledge from The Call Center School as a benefit of membership.

The current e-learning modules available to QATC members are:

  • Building a Quality Monitoring Form
  • Calibration for Consistency
  • Basics of Coaching
  • Finders Keepers
  • Performance Management
  • The Power of One

The Call Center School will send login instructions for each member via e-mail.  For more information about this program, please visit The Call Center School’s website at www.thecallcenterschool.com.  QATC members can contact Executive Director Vicki Herrell at vicki.herrell@qatc.org with any questions about the QATC educational benefit.