August 23 -

It is important not just to recognize desirable performance, but to reward it in some way so that it will be repeated.  Designing and administering an effective reward program is critical to your call center employees’ ongoing performance improvement.

Rewards fall into two categories:  1) natural reinforcers, such as thanks for customers or the internal satisfaction of solving a problem; or 2)  “created” reinforcement, which is made up of social reinforcers and tangible reinforcers.  Simple words of appreciation are samples of social reinforcers, while other reinforcers are tangible items that are given to the employee as a reward for desired behavior.

A tangible reward should be unique and relevant to each employee, so that is viewed as a positive consequence, rather than neutral or negative.  You will want to ask each employee what would be viewed as a positive, neutral, or negative consequence – don’t assume that just because you and most employees view something as valuable that everyone will like it.

Use this list of some common rewards as a starting point for a conversion with your employees:

  • Time off the phone
  • Lottery tickets
  • Cash
  • Flowers or balloons
  • Movie passes
  • Personal services
  • Restaurant certificate
  • Theatre tickets
  • Charity contribution
  • Hotel stay
  • Weekend trip
  • Sporting event tickets

Then you can create a list of desirable and non-desirable rewards for each employee.

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