May 6 -

One of the keys to time management for call center supervisors is to identify what tasks can be delegated to others to free up more time for the supervisor's most important activity — one-on-one coaching.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding what can be delegated to other members on the team.

  • Time.Analyze how you spend your day. Are you doing some things over and over that someone else on your team could do just as easily and perhaps even enjoy the added variety and responsibility? Use delegation to free yourself up so you can concentrate your efforts on activities that take your team members forward.
  • Business processes.You need to establish concrete procedures and processes as your team develops. When you find yourself directing every activity (or trying to and failing), it’s time to start documenting important practices so your workforce doesn’t have to depend on your constant supervision.
  • People. You can usually manage up to six employees effectively. More than that, and you’ll have trouble keeping track of what they’re doing. When your span of control grows too broad, you’ll have to assign management powers to other people if you want to maintain your pace.  Look for people within the team that can serve as team leaders or subject matter experts or support specialists to free up your time.