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You CAN maximize your Quality Management efforts with AI and Automation. 

September 4 - How do AI and Automation help Quality Management (QM)? Fifty-eight percent (58%) of contact centers plan to invest in an AI solution to monitor agent performance and automate quality scoring.* Automation is a software-directed action based on a set of predefined rules created by humans. Automation removes manual tasks that often aren’t a productive use of a human’s time. Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machine learning. AI analyzes complex data sets and makes recommendations or takes action based on what it learns. It continually evolves to create increasingly better results. AI solutions remove the complexity of working with large data sets and reveal insights humans can then use to do their work more efficiently. Customers are more fickle than ever — making QM more important than ever. AI and automation can help Quality Analysts be more efficient in their work. Automate routine checks: AI can detect whether or [...]


Tips for creating reports and dashboards. 

June 5 - Do you want to know how to create reports and dashboards that really make an impact? Reporting is super important, no doubt about it. If you're not delivering accurate, timely, and effective reports, all the hard work you put into figuring out key metrics, KPIs, and evaluation forms become futile. But here's the thing, if no one actually sees your reports, how can you prove the value of all that quality monitoring? So, here's what you got to do: Step 1: Identify the intended recipients of the reports. Back in the day, only top-level management got their hands on those quality assurance reports. It was mainly because those reports were like a foreign language to anyone other than the most experienced folks in the contact center. But times have changed, friends. We now have specialized team members handling quality auditing, coaching, and operational management and data analytics. So, [...]

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