Draft Agenda
The Virtual Summit for Quality Assurance & Training
October 1-15, 2020

Wednesday, September 30

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT -- Welcome & Roadmap to The Virtual Summit for Quality Assurance & Training.  Join us for this exciting kick-off to the 2020 Virtual Summit for Quality Assurance & Training. In this session, we'll start with a nostalgic quick look at the last 13 years of QATC Conferences and how we have evolved into this 2020 model. You'll see how this conference will replicate all the things you loved about the in-person conferences, including a look at this year's how-to workshops, panel discussions, games and activities, sponsor showcases, and the many networking opportunities. We'll show you how to navigate the conference, including how to participate in the workshops, use the conference app on your computer or phone, and visit the virtual conference web site to hear session recordings, visit sponsor booths, and find a wealth of educational resources. Don't miss this session if you want to learn how to make the most of the Virtual Summit.

Thursday, October 1

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT -- Lighting the CX Fire.  Let's be honest – experience management can be exhausting. When we are always giving of ourselves, it can wear you down. As we look to the future and ponder what 2021 will hold for us, it's time to bring some energy and passion back into the work of customer experience (CX). By protecting ourselves and establishing "fountain inputs," we can overflow with the type of positive mentality that we want to extend to our team and our customers. Join Nate for some good ol' Tennessee inspiration and several fresh new ways to think about experience design! – Speaker:  Nate Brown, Officium Labs

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Meet the QATC Board.  Come to this session to meet the QATC Board Of Advisors, and interact with them.  Bring your questions or issues that you have been struggling with, and get feedback from the Board and from other attendees.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Rethinking Frontline Staffing Strategies in 2020. – Speaker:  Penny Reynolds

Friday, October 2

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Call Calibration: Achieving Quality Scoring Consistency.  You can have the most advanced call recording technology, evaluation tools, and a dedicated quality staff but without consistency in scoring, the integrity of your entire quality program will be compromised. Call calibration is vital to the health of your quality program, but so many find their calibration sessions frustrating and not necessarily helpful in taking consistency to the next level.   This session provides everything you need to know about setting up an effective Call Calibration Program, how to measure calibration, and most importantly how to run a successful calibration session where participants are engaged and committed to the consistent application of quality standards to call behaviors.  – Speaker:  Deelee FreemanCall Center Training Associates

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Eleveo. 

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT -- A Case Study in Pivoting to 100% Virtual Training During COVID-19 Lockdown.  Zoom fatigue is the new death by PowerPoint. How are we keeping our training classes engaged and supported during an abrupt change from brick and mortar training to virtual without extending training time? This session will discuss how we pivoted to 100% virtual training across a diverse range of agent requirements and what we are doing to thrive in our new normal. We will share our lessons learned in platform selection, tool choices, training methods/plans, and shadowing. Virtual training can be a trade up instead of a trade off!  – Speaker:  Susan Preiss, Blue Ocean

Monday, October 5

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Welcome to Your First Day...At Home. How to Onboard a Remote Employee.  One of the most impactful experiences on an employee’s impression of their new job is the onboarding experience. And, for teams accustomed to in-person onboarding, the long-term prospect of employees working from home presents a series of complications in creating a great environment for new employees. In this interactive session attendees will learn how to develop and deliver an engaging and impactful onboarding and new hire experience for their contact center teams. Contact center expert, Justin Robbins, will breakdown the differences between in-person and virtual onboarding and will share his first-hand experience as a trainer, consultant, and onboarding specialist. – Speaker:  Justin Robbins, JM Robbins & Associates

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Leveraging Analytics to Drive Smarter Operations.  There are more tools than ever before to gather information, but what do you do with the information once collected? Let’s talk about the best ways to leverage data to streamline and improve operations, including finding training opportunities, uncovering insights into employee satisfaction, and helping employee productivity. With the new world of work, it’s important to transform how you do business – to support agents enterprise-wide, now and into the future.  – Speaker:  Mary LaFosse, Calabrio

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT -- A Scoreless Quality Program.  Come to this session to learn about the value of a scoreless Quality program that highlights Quality Improvement (QI) vs. a traditional Quality Assurance (QA) program.  Learn how the Scoreless QI program works, along with the results, challenges, and the wins from eliminating the disputing of Quality call review scores and placing the focus on the opportunities. – Speakers:  Michelle Chevalier & Hardy Whiteman, EquiTrust Life Insurance Company

Tuesday, October 6

9:00 am ET, 8:00 am CT – Behind Closed Doors: Verint.  Join Verint for this highly-interactive session exclusively for Verint customers, where you will have the opportunity to meet with a small group of your peers to share ideas and exchange best practices on how to navigate and thrive through the changing needs of your customers.

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Push to Distance…the New Normal.  This session will explore the journey of how WPS Health Solutions drove their Distance Learning strategy to expand the program delivery hours by 300% the first year and 385% the second year. Hear the lessons learned and key processes to add to your distance delivery strategic plan to help drive results and be better prepared for the “new normal.” – Speakers:  Paul Kern & Christy Beatty, WPS Health Solutions

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Clarabridge

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT -- Connecting Quality Performance Management with Virtual Training Initiatives.   Do your Quality and Learning teams align on skill gaps of your agent talent? Are you working together to make sure your agents are equipped to handle everything needed?  In this session, learn some great ways to analyze quality insights, coaching tools, and other resources to collaborate with the Learning team to identify competencies to upscale your agent talent.  – Speaker:  Chaunte Johnson, Cox Automotive Group

Wednesday, October 7

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Contact Center Jeopardy.  Get ready for some fun, excitement, and plenty of interaction with your fellow attendees.  Whether you are a QA wizard, a training guru, or just someone who’s excited to learn, come to this session to play Jeopardy and test your knowledge.  Everyone can participate and win great prizes!

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Self-Serve, Simplify or Sell: Optimizing in Times of Uncertainty.  A multinational financial services provider shares how it supercharged its use of speech analytics due to the recent crisis, with daily insight reports climbing to 200+ subscribers, to provide clarity around customer intent, journey, and treatment. This CEO-endorsed initiative affects three key areas: self-service transformation, simplifying products/processes, and increasing revenue. Learn how the rich, unbiased speech data helps guide the business on what initiatives to roll out in preparation for recovery. – Speaker:  Lisa Buck, Manulife, & Daniel Ziv, Verint

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – The Big “Q”: A Holistic Approach to Quality Driven Continuous Improvement, Employee Development, and Analytics.  FirstEnergy has developed a data driven program which delivers a collective Customer Service Quality approach. The program unifies customer service representatives, self-service responders, billers, and field collectors through a strategic focus. This session will deliver a real life example of developing a Quality Program from the ground up and review the insights and benefits FirstEnergy has realized since the Program was rolled out.   – Speaker:  Amanda Helinski, FirstEnergy

6:30 pm ET, 5:30 pm CT – Happy Hour

Thursday, October 8

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – One to the “You” Power.  The equation is simply expressed 1you – that is all it takes to move your organization forward by leaps and bounds. That is all it takes to save a life. That is all it takes to inspire a movement.  That is all it takes to achieve impossible goals, overcome incredible challenges, and motivate exceptionalism.  Your potential is limitless when you take the time to think of all that you have already accomplished.  1you is all we need!   -- Speaker:  Penny Tootle, Utilligent

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – A Sight for Score Eyes: Minimize Your QA Fatigue.   Scoring is intended to help us understand how our agents and teams are performing in a more consistent way. However, with increasing data volumes and recent pressures to ensure higher call/chat quality, more scoring can result in more fatigue. In this session, we will highlight ways to use more intelligent scoring techniques to transform your organization, including: post interaction survey replacement, benchmarking agent and team performance, designing unbiased scorecards, identifying “best-in-class” interactions, positive reinforcement in coaching, understanding the customer experience, and more. Join us for an interactive session to learn from a CC professional how to ensure that your coaches and analysts are spending less time hunting and more time improving individual, team and contact center wide performance while simultaneously strengthening customer relationships.  -- Speakers:  Ryan Murphy & Courtney Jones, Clarabridge

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  C2Perform

Friday, October 9

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Bringing Together Training & Quality Assurance.  The Training and Quality Assurance groups work together hand-in-hand – trainers must be preparing agents to take calls and fulfill the mission of the organization, and QA is ensuring that the agents are doing the job.  There should be continuous dialogue and strong bonds between these two groups.  Hear from the panelists how their teams are aligned and best practices to keeping the lines of communication open.  Moderator:  Erick Sawyer, AmTrust Financial -- Panelists:   Katherine Thompson, AmTrust Financial Services, & Rachael Schneider, Essendant

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Calabrio.  Every interaction in your contact center presents an opportunity to strengthen a customer relationship, build loyalty and drive sales. That’s why it’s so important to continually evaluate your agent conversations and identify opportunities for training and improvement.

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT -- Walk a Mile in My Shoes - Coaching for Empathy.  There has never been a time in our shared history where empathy has been more important. Empathy in business has always been vital to maintaining and building relationships with customers, colleagues, and partners. That said, empathy is more than just a fluffy phrase we bring out when a customer or colleague is upset. Empathy is a powerful tool for engaging people on both sides of an interaction. The resulting genuine, human connection drives greater sales, resolves more conflict, and gains consensus. But if empathy is so important, why is it so challenging to engage agents to express genuine empathy when it matters most? This session will delve into HOW to coach agents to hear and reflect empathy (in an appropriate way) with every interaction. Is empathy an innate trait? Or can empathy be taught? – Speaker:  Sharon Oatway, VereQuest Inc.

Monday, October 12

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – How to Measure the Effectiveness of Agent Training. Evaluating agent training doesn't require a PhD in advanced statistics! You'll learn proven measurement techniques in this hands-on session. Discover simple models you can use to evaluate training for a single agent or an entire program. Explore why the post-training survey is generally ineffective, and find alternatives that yield far better data. Identify ways to translate training results into metrics that capture the attention of your executive leaders. – Speaker:  Jeff Toister, Toister Performance Solutions, Inc.

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  NICE.  Join our demo session and we will show you a “day in the life” of a contact center using Quality Central, the next generation analytics driven quality management solution. We will show you how it benefits all stakeholders including supervisors, the quality team, and agents. No matter where your starting point is, learn how to advance your quality program to the next level. – Speaker:  Lilach Zemach, NICE

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – Data Literacy: Read It Like a Book.  Come to this session to hear about the impact data is having in our organization and why having Data Literacy should be a required skill set for all your employees versus just something they might have a hunch about.  She will talk about how you can create a program of your own because even Gartner agrees that most organizations sufficient data literacy skills to successfully achieve the business values they are looking for.  – Speaker:  Barb Bleiler, County of Rock

Tuesday, October 13

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Knowledge: The Lifeblood of Customer Service.  A customer service team is only as strong as it's knowledge capabilities. Knowledge not only fuels the customer and the agent experience, but it will also determine the success of your training, quality, and automation initiatives. Learn how Nate has used various knowledge management techniques, including Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)® to fuel significant improvements in every aspect of customer service.  Key takeaways include the importance of knowledge management in any support environment, various methodologies and techniques to implement a knowledge management process, and how to curate knowledge for the long term to power your largest and most critical initiatives.  – Speaker:  Nate Brown, Officium Labs

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Verint.  Learn how Verint is continuing to innovate to help you evolve your quality management process and drive greater visibility into quality insights – enabling more personalized and relevant employee interactions. –  Speakers:  Lisa Elbe, Steve Hibbard, & Jeff Williams, Verint

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT -- Roleplaying: A Crucial Part of Remote Training.  A look at why role-play is an essential, yet often overlooked, part of the learning process normally and why it is even more important to incorporate it when training remote. Anything that we do well in life has come from practicing it, and that is where role-play becomes a powerful teaching tool. It allows trainers to simulate real situations, providing team members with the opportunity to practice what they are learning without the weight that accompanies actual situations. Role-play allows the trainer to create a safe learning environment where team members can focus on the material and retain what they learn. It becomes an even more powerful tool when training remotely because it allows the trainer to gain some of the insight that is lost by not being in the training room. – Speaker:  Ammon Davis, AvantGuard Monitoring

Wednesday, October 14

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – We’re All in this Together! Leading Virtually.  A recent Gallup poll concluded that 70% of an employee’s engagement is driven by their leader. In these times of uncertainty, with many of us working remotely, it’s critical for you to individualize your leadership and communication to best support your employees. In this session, you will learn the secrets for success while working and leading from home.  We will discuss effective communication, team meetings and huddles and provide suggestions for how to incorporate technology into your daily routine to establish a “new normal.” – Speakers:  Michelle Anderson & Dawn Mahoney, AmTrust Financial Services

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Engaging While Changing.  During the pandemic, many contact centers were challenged when it came to managing employee performance while many changes were taking place. The QA programs that played a significant role in motivating employees and guiding them during a time of change were able to quickly adapt to meet the needs of a new environment. Join this session and learn how you can reshape your quality program and be ready make an impact both now and in the future. – Speakers:  Lauren Maschio & Kim Steele, NICE

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT -- 40/20 Ideas in 60 Minutes – Coaching, Rewards, and Recognition.  Yes, you read it correctly! 40 ideas will come from the panel and 20 ideas will come from you, the participants, instead of all 60 ideas coming from the panel. Plan to learn what others are doing and to share what you are doing.  Come prepared to share your success stories or even things you tried that didn’t work, with a focus on ideas on these topics in a virtual environment.

6:30 pm ET, 5:30 pm CT – Happy Hour

Thursday, October 15

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes – Quality Assurance. This fast-paced session with a panel of your QA peers will have you writing furiously as you try to capture an idea a minute on paper! This format will give you some last minute tips to take home and implement immediately – if you can catch them all!

1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT – Sponsor Spotlight Showcase:  Authority Software

3:00 pm ET, 2:00 pm CT – 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes – Training. This fast-paced session with a panel of your Training peers will have you writing furiously as you try to capture an idea a minute on paper! This format will give you some last minute tips to take home and implement immediately – if you can catch them all!

Friday, October 16

11:00 am ET, 10:00 am CT – Closing Session.  Please join us for one last group hug after a month of spending some virtual time together! We will review the highlights of the event, and have a last bit of fun! We'll also give away some prizes, so you won't want to miss this session!