July 8 -

During training, check your audience and make sure they are following you. If not, be prepared to put a spin on your presentation to connect with your group.

For example, your Plan B could be a game to get the class participating rather than staying with lecturing. Make the game fun and exciting; like the game called Round Robin. In this game, everyone sits in a circle and is asked a question on the topic you’re teaching. The trainer has 60 seconds to go through a topic so the movement around the circle is quick. Depending on time, you can keep playing the game with different topics until you see the class is comfortable with the material. If your participants don’t know the answers, help them by asking open-ended questions to get them thinking and talking.

By switching to Plan B, whatever that might be, you can get more active participation from your class and help those with a different learning style.

Note:  This week's tip is provided by Debbie Short of Cokesbury, retail division of The United Methodist Publishing House. She can be reached at dshort@cokesbury.com.