Ideas on Coaching & Rewards & Recognition from the QATC Annual Conference

One of the most popular sessions at the 2023 QATC Annual Conference was a panel with real-life practioners giving ideas in a quick-fire format on Coaching and Recognition and Rewards. The twist for this session is that there is a panel giving ideas, but they solicit ideas from the audience as well. Here are some of the ideas presented in this fun session:


  • It is less intimidating to talk with peers than with a manager. Arrange for coaching from a more experienced peer sometimes.
  • Don’t be your own worst critic in self-assessments.
  • Make coaching a judgment-free zone.
  • Care personally before coaching others.
  • Allow coaches from all areas of the company to meet with agents. It adds to their learning cycle.
  • Help agents to identify their own growth plan and develop prescriptions to achieve it.
  • Be sure there is a healthy percentage of positive reinforcement in every coaching session.
  • Be sure to practice active listening while coaching. Give your full attention.
  • Do some reverse coaching by asking “How can I be a better leader?”
  • There are 2 types of coaching – in-the-moment and scheduled. Seventy percent should be in-the-moment. This is the “management by walking around” that must be somewhat modified for the remote workforce.
  • During the coaching session, have the supervisor point out the strengths and the agent focus on weaknesses. Then both collaborate on an action plan.
  • Coaching is sacred time and should not be cancelled during busy periods. It sends the wrong message to put off agent development when they need it most.
  • Keep the same agents and supervisors together for multiple coaching sessions – a minimum of 6 months.
  • Be curious and knowledgeable about the technology you use. Explore new capabilities to find tools that will be useful.
  • Add some element of fun in each coaching session.
  • Be sure new coaches are trained on how to coach as they may have no experience in that process.
  • Proactively assign people to mentors that you know can assist them.
  • Technology can help with role plays. AI can be programmed to do these based on real scenarios.


  • Some people like public recognition and others do not. Be sure you ask what they prefer.
  • Make cards that agents can use to recognize their peers.
  • One center used a cart filled with healthy snacks that was driven around the center once a week to offer items to agents who achieved high scores (i.e., 90%). Find ways to do something similar for remote workers.
  • Give each person in the center a sheet with the outline of a dog on it. Then provide something like Avery dots that any one can stick on another person’s dog to say, “I spotted you doing something great.”
  • Have a travelling award that is given to a person as a winner the first time. Each subsequent time, the previous winner gives the award to someone else.
  • At the end of a quality meeting, reserve 20 minutes for members to recognize each other.
  • Build a culture of celebrating each other and their achievements.
  • Develop a “legacy check” system that involves a three-part form that is focused on the achievement of something connected to the core values of the organization. These write-ups have one copy for the agent, one for their supervisor, and one to be posted in the center for all to see.
  • Read the book “It’s Your Ship” about how a low-performing ship was taken to top performance.
  • Give people an opportunity to work on new projects that work with other departments.
  • Set aside time (e.g., four hours per month) for everyone to focus on personal development and learning. It can include group activities as well as individual.
  • Post customer comments visibly in the center for all to see.
  • Provide positive feedback to others in the organization beyond the contact center such as marketing, product development, etc. It helps to build a team spirit.
  • Create an individual development plan for each employee that will take them toward their dream job.
  • Play bingo where each item on the card reinforces the separate elements of the organization’s goals.

Allow agents to do a mini-Ted talk on their hobby or an idea they are passionate about.

Join us on September 17–19, 2024 for the QATC Annual Conference and attend this session in person!