Making Gamification Work bright idea lightbulb graphic

Could gamification be the silver bullet to your agents’ motivation? Here’s how evaluagent recommends getting started:

  • Identify what motivates your team. Understand what drives your agents and design rewards that align with those interests for the best chance of success.
  • Create fair and inclusive mechanics. Ensure all agents have an equal chance to win, and that your game elements cater to different skill levels.
  • Monitor and adjust regularly. Regularly review the effectiveness of your gamification strategy and make necessary tweaks to keep the program engaging.
  • Integrate with existing processes. Seamlessly integrate gamification into your existing workflows and processes to ensure a smooth transition (we can help!).

As long as you take a considered approach, you should see agent engagement soar! 

This tip is provided by Chris Mounce of evaluagent. He can be reached at