The Fred Factor By Mark Sanborn

Summary: Fred, the mailman, goes the extra mile in his job to affect the lives of those he serves. Read how to transform everyday tasks into extraordinary opportunities and interactions to become a Fred.

The book is written from the perspective of a person who moves to a new neighborhood. Fred is “just” the local postal delivery man who surprises the author by taking the time to meet him and talk to him a bit about his needs and expectations from a mail delivery perspective. For example, does he want packages left on the porch or prefer a notice to pick up at the post office? When another delivery service leaves a package at the wrong house, Fred makes sure it gets to the intended recipient. Fred takes great pride in his work and focuses on providing customized services to each of his customers.

The message of the book is summed up in four principles:

  • Everyone makes a difference.
  • Success is built on relationships.
  • Continually create value for others.
  • Reinvent yourself regularly.

There is a common human factor at work and that is the passion to achieve significance. Do the right things for the right reasons and the possibilities are endless.

How can you motivate every person in your call center to be a Fred?