2023 QATC Annual Conference

September 26−28, 2023

Hilton Downtown Nashville Hotel

Register today for the 2023 Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) Annual Conference!  Make your plans now to attend this unique conference to find the latest information on quality assurance and training trends and technologies and to network with your peers.

The draft agenda is now on the website at http:/www.qatc.org/annual-convention/conference-agenda/. Attendees can take advantage of almost 50 breakout sessions, as well as plenty of time for networking with your peers.

Here is a sampling of some of the session topics:

  • Exploring AI to Elevate Customer Service Quality and Efficiency
  • Generation WHAT? Understanding Generations and Their Impact on the Modern Contact Center.
  • Navigating Training Facilitator Challenges: Strategies for Success and Growth
  • Scoreless Quality Program - Tracking for Behaviors, Trends & Wins
  • Expanding Your QA Role to Superhero:  Finding Big Picture Problems and Fixing Them
  • Defining the Most Challenging Quality Standards:  Tone, Empathy, Professionalism, and Ownership
  • The Power of Community Learning
  • Promoting Inclusivity & Wellness in a Training Class
  • Building a Coaching Team That Coaches
  • A Recipe for Contact Center Success from a Competitive BBQ Judge
  • Remote Quality – Measuring Behaviors Unique to the Remote Environment Without Being Too Prescriptive
  • Voice of Customer Engine That Actually Moves
  • Back to the Drawing Board: Using Telestration to Increase Learner Engagement

Register online today!

Don’t miss out on this exciting event designed specifically for Quality Assurance and Training professionals!  You won’t find an event like this anywhere else!