bright idea lightbulb graphicCoach to Develop Engaged, Positive, and Balanced Employees

The discussions continue about the best ways to communicate and coach in today’s virtual environment.  Many times, we tend to focus our virtual coaching in the areas of agent performance, i.e., AHT, Sales, Adherence, Attendance, Accuracy.  While these are all important and needed, we must understand that there are other areas of coaching opportunities that should be included to help develop and maintain engaged, positive and balanced employees.  

Communicating and coaching employees on their well-being, stress concerns, career development, and contact center culture is extremely important to develop well-rounded and engaged employees.  If we don’t take opportunities to develop the relationship of coaching beyond performance areas, we run the risk of employees seeing coaching as “just another way to tell me I’m not doing something right.”  They tend to shut down over time and not contribute to the process of continuous improvement.

As the Field of Dreams movie said, “Build it and they will come.”  Take time to build your coaching relationship with your folks beyond the “performance” area and you’ll reap the benefits of long-term engagement.

This tip provided QATC Board Member Todd Gladden of PlanMen. He can be reached at