2023 QATC Annual Conference Wrap-Up

“There were so many things I liked about the conference, it’s hard to narrow it down to one thing. But I think the best thing about this conference is having an opportunity to attend an event that pertains specifically to my job and networking with so many people.”

“I enjoy coming together with other QA and Training professionals that have similar situations, experiences, goals, etc. and we get to learn from each other.  The presenters are also awesome, which is a given, but I’m always thankful for getting to learn from one another as well.”

“This conference is led by practitioners and very targeted. Most conferences feel like vendor festivals, and this one felt like it was made primarily for attendees.”

Two pre-conference sessions

+ Two keynote presentations

+ over 40 breakout sessions

+ three days of networking

+ a fun party at Margaritaville

+ 200 attendees

= An amazing event!

“This conference is very valuable in the networking aspects but also in the amount of cutting edge information and creative ideas that are shared.”

“There were so many things I enjoyed about the conference. The best thing about it was the fellowship with all the great leaders and vendors in the industry. Having the opportunity to learn and bounce new ideas off of each other and to share successes to shared challenges was great. I also really enjoyed the commitment to community involvement and the opportunity to give to those in need.”

“This was the first QATC conference I have attended. It was such a fun trip not only to get to see Nashville for the first time but to also hear from experts in the industry, meet people who were passionate about their jobs, and be inspired by those people and classes I participated in. It will be something I look forward to attending in the future.”