Top Ten Reasons to Consider e-Learning

1. It’s a cool and comprehensive option.  Interactive, multi-media training courses make learning an interesting and energizing experience. You’ll find many programs today where rich content has been married with multimedia delivery to create course content that is both content-rich and engaging.  

2. It’s consistent, high quality instruction. In classroom trainings, results sometime depend on an individual trainer’s performance. Not so for e-learning, where you always get the same high-quality, efficient, and interactive presentation.

3. It’s cost-effective.  With e-learning, the fixed production costs for the learning material can be shared with many, and that decreases the price for each student. On top, there is no travel cost for anyone and no productivity loss due to not being at the workplace.

4. It’s less resource intensive.  There is less organizational effort and administrative cost associated with e-learning.  There is little time needed to schedule the training sessions and certainly no need to book hotels or meeting rooms, arrange food, and so on.

5. It makes your staff more productive. Since e-learning is not bound to time or location, students can learn during times of low utilization or occupancy.  Most e-learning courses are split into 10-20 minute training modules to fit well into the daily ebb and flow of workload.  Students can learn valuable lessons in the down time between calls without having to leave their workstations.

6. It’s trackable to monitor progress. All courses finish with tests to confirm student’s knowledge.  Not only do classes contain activities and quizzes throughout the classes to help the learner stay on track, but end-of-course tests confirm students accomplish the learning objectives of each class.

7. It’s available as needed.  Students can proceed through courses at their own pace and it’s easy to go back and review content if needed. In classroom training, you can just hope students take good notes. With e-learning, students can review a portion or an entire class as needed.

8. It’s part of a learning environment.  Many employees cite lack of development opportunities as the reason they leave a company.  Expanding their library of training possibilities with e-learning programs helps to demonstrate your commitment to their growth and individual development. 

9. It’s good for the environment!  By decreasing travel and energy costs, e-learning contributes to an environmentally friendly workplace. Yes, e-learning  is green learning!

10. It’s a proven learning method.  Thousands of companies around the world are using self-paced e-learning  with measurable results.  Come see what all the excitement is about!