Feedback is a Gift

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Engaging with employees to provide continuous feedback to grow and develop is the essence of call center success and individual performance improvement.  In fact, we often refer to feedback as a gift to present the expectations as positive and change the negative.  The “packaging” in which we offer feedback may look different, but simple tactics can reshape the ways you coach agents to achieve desired outcomes. 

Focus coaching sessions on a few key behaviors; highlight strengths and create an environment for agents to uncover their opportunities.  Avoid tackling every opportunity in one feedback session.

  • Know your employees both personally and professionally.  Understand what motivates agents to do their best and find individualized ways to show appreciation for strong performance.
  • Coach often and impromptu; don’t fall into the habit of formalized coaching sessions as the only path to offering agent feedback.
  • Grow together with your agent by driving conversations which empowers employees into a growth mindset. The best method to change behaviors is through agent self-identification.
  • Allow employees to fail; the best lessons learned are the ones in which agents tried something new and learned a better way.  Do not be afraid to share your personal failures, as well.
  • Aim to interact with your agents enough that you no longer have the need for scheduled coaching sessions.
  • For leaders, respect employees coaching time, don’t multi-task during coaching sessions, and be in the journey with the agent and not above the agent.

Remember, feedback is a gift.  Offering feedback in a balanced manner is the foundation of a successful coaching relationship.

Note:  This tip is provided by QATC Board Member Erick Sawyer of InhabitIQ.  He may be reached at  Come see Erick speak on a panel focused on Lessons Learned During Covid at the 2022 QATC Annual Conference in Nashville, as well as an Ask the Expert panel and our always fun 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes on QA session! Register today!