Bright Ideas: Add Adaptable Training to Your Training Sessions.

Training in a call center is at best generalized. Not every situation can be covered in training to ensure the agent is fully capable to handle all situations. So most training has to be generalized, but generalized training has the tendency to remove the “human element” – what specific training does this agent need?

Adaptable training, or training on specific situations, can be conducted by supervisors on a one-on-one basis after listening to the agent’s calls and seeing what information is needed. You can’t remove “generalized training” from the curriculum, but it is a best practice to add this kind of adaptable training to the training of both the new and experienced agents.

Through listening to the calls handled by the agent, individual strategic plans can be made, and personalized training can become adaptable to many different situations.

Note: This week’s tip was provided by QATC Board Member Justin Robbins. He may be reached at

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