Back to School Time for QATC
A Look Back at the QATC Virtual Summit

By Vicki Herrell, Executive Director, QATC

While we had hoped to get back together in person for the 2021 QATC Annual Conference, we decided with an abundance of caution to once again come together with a virtual conference this year.  The three-day event planned for Nashville in September became a three-week conference with 48 workshops delivered by the industry’s best and brightest.

We may have missed the in-person networking and fun, but there were many benefits touted by this year’s attendees of having a virtual event. While budgets may have allowed only one or two folks to attend the Nashville conference, the virtual arrangement allowed entire teams of QA and Training professionals to participate.  And there were many that pointed out that it is sometimes difficult to choose between six simultaneous sessions at the live event, but at the virtual conference, the sessions were presented one at a time over a long period, which provided more opportunities to attend many workshops.  Hundreds of people also benefited from reviewing the recordings of the sessions if attending the live event wasn’t a fit for their schedules.

The Virtual Summit kicked off on September 13 with a welcome and road map to help everyone map out a strategy for how to make the most of the three-week affair.  There were 48 sessions, including topics like:

  • Five Most Common Mistakes Made in Quality Monitoring:  Technology to Process to People
  • Building Employee Trust Through Quality Feedback
  • Recognition Rescue
  • Game Changer:  Accelerated Onboarding to Level Up Your Talent
  • Advanced Training & Technology for Evolved Contact Centers
  • Harnessing the Synergy of an Integrated Quality & Training Program
  • Creating a Thriving Culture in a Post-Pandemic Work Environment
  • Making the Move to 100% Virtual Training

In addition to the many workshops, there was a virtual trade show where attendees could visit the booths of our Conference Sponsors to learn about the latest technologies and offerings.  These booths were full of information and product demos, as well as a place to register for some fabulous prizes.

And while we missed the face-to-face gathering, there were still ample opportunities to network and exchange ideas.  The workshops allowed all participants to chat with the speakers and fellow attendees, and there were often gatherings in the Virtual Lounge after a session to keep the discussions and interactions going.

Here are just a few of the comments shared by this year’s attendees:

“The sessions were great and I wish I could have attended more live events. I am still watching some of the recordings. I have taken away a lot of great, useful information. I am excited to attend in-person next year!”

“This always such a valuable conference. Other conferences are usually for all Contact Center roles. For this one to solely be about QA and Training and to 'meet' with others who understand the challenges is so beneficial. There is always a variety of sessions and I take away something new from each one I attend. Another bonus is having contact info. I can’t tell you how many times I have reached out through the year to get ideas and opinions from other attendees.”

“This was my first time presenting and it was awesome. I loved meeting and talking to so many professionals. I can’t wait to do it again.”

“I learned so much! I would love to be able to chat and learn from other participants while at the next event -- hopefully in-person.” 

‘I love receiving so many ideas!  Being new-ish to the Quality and WFM team, the information was invaluable.”

All in all, this year’s Virtual Summit was a huge success, but we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in person again next fall.  Mark your calendars now for the 2022 Conference to be held September 19-21, 2022 in Nashville at the Hilton Downtown Nashville.