Add Some Personal Interaction And Fun To Your Online Training

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Over the past few months, we have had quite the transition in our organization, as I’m sure others have.  We have gone from an 8-week, in-class instruction new hire training to all virtual training for our new CSR classes.  To keep things interactive, we have added some different things to keep everyone interested:

Open each morning with a new topic.

  • Make Fridays a fun hat day.
  • Have a pot-luck recipe exchange.
  • Share your pet and their favorite toy on screen.
  • Share favorite current reading material (blogs, podcasts, books, magazines, etc)
  • Have an occasional dress up day.

After lunch, I assign someone to provide information on an unrelated topic.  I let them know one day before who it will be.  They then provide some random trivia, or information about something not related to themselves or work to ease back into the day.

We have learned a lot about each other and random topics throughout this whole process!

This tip provided by Beverley Pinkerton of Tacoma Public Utilities.  She may be reached at

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